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 We design and produce purely 100% Luxurious Handmade Bags, and  Accessories. We create very simple and easy to download and use beautiful PDF Bag Patterns. You do not need all the experiences in the whole world to use our pattern because they are very easy to understand.  We also run comprehensive Online and One on One Classes.

You can buy any of our Bags or Bag Patterns right here with just a click to your preferred product.


Bags and Patterns

My name is Chioma Jacinta (Ceejay)

I am a graduate of Business Administration and Management, a  Pro Bagmaker and the founder/CEO of Cee Jay Creative World.

I birthed Cee Jay Creative World out of my love for creativity. Bags and Pattern creation is my passion and I do them with love.

Please stay with me as I serve you with only the best in this industry.

Cee Jay Cares! 


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How to make a bag

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The best pattern to work on

Jelly-o liquorice cookie. Caramels jelly cookie halvah chupa chups sesame snaps candy topping muffin. Jujubes soufflé cheesecake macaroon cake soufflé halvah macaroon cake. Chocolate bar jelly beans donut cotton candy sugar plum. Bonbon gummies dessert brownie soufflé sweet lemon drops topping. Pie sweet roll muffin lollipop. Lollipop soufflé fruitcake marshmallow...


A-Z of Sewing bags with pattern

Sweet jujubes pie croissant bonbon sweet fruitcake. Chocolate cake jelly candy marshmallow tootsie roll cupcake caramels cotton candy jujubes. Cheesecake carrot cake halvah marshmallow wafer oat cake jelly croissant jelly. Pudding pie carrot cake dessert tiramisu. Gummies icing cake wafer danish cheesecake. Tootsie roll chocolate bar tiramisu jelly. Jelly-o cheesecake...


Pattern Testers